Grab ahold of your dream

& create wedding experiences that are focused on what actually matters

Do you want to book & photograph more elopements & intimate weddings
and work with your “perfect fit” eloping couples who truly inspire you?


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Hey there friend… I see you.

Feeling “over” this big wedding thing?


Are you uninspired and jaded by big traditional weddings where the couple is stressed out all day and gets “swallowed” whole by the performance and production?


Does your nature-loving soul die a little bit each time you think about working all day in ballrooms, hotels, and sterile wedding venues?


Are you worried that potential clients aren’t seeing what’s unique about you and your business? Or that you’re drowning in a “sea of sameness” in this competitive industry?


Is your dream client an adventurous outdoorsy couple who wants to elope—but you can’t for the LIFE of you figure out how to reach them?


Are you exhausted from spinning your wheels with a gazillion different marketing efforts, trying to book elopements? All with little to no results?


Are you intimidated or overwhelmed by the logistics, planning, and location scouting for elopements?


Do you lack confidence that you can craft an amazing elopement experience for every couple?


Are you unsure of where to even start?


 The struggle is real. It’s time to discover how to escape all this.


Learning from Maddie Mae was the best investment I have made in my business. I felt that I was on shaky ground when it came to all the ins and outs of adventurous elopements and the instruction she provided has given me the solid footing that my business needed. She not only has an incredible breadth of knowledge about marketing, but is an impressive communicator and teaches in a way that you can actually comprehend and take action. I'm a bit of a perpetual student… so when I say that learning from Maddie Mae was by far the best learning experience I have ever had—it's no joke. Maddie genuinely wants everyone to succeed in the industry. She’s not just spouting community over competition, she’s living it.

- Jackleen Leed

well guess what...

 It doesn't have
to be that way.


What if
your life as a photographer could be different?

Imagine this:

You’re exploring the great outdoors with an eloping couple. You're surrounded by nature, embracing the overwhelming beauty of the environment and the pure intimacy of the moment.

When they reach that perfect spot, they pull their vows out of their pocket and read the handwritten, heartfelt words that they truly want to say to each other. Their entire day (which YOU helped them create!) is 100% what they dreamed of and they truly enjoy every minute of it.

While they relive their elopement through your photos, you’re out photographing another. Your calendar is booked full of adventures for the next year. Every week you get new inquiries from your “perfect fit” eloping couples asking you to help them begin their life together with an adventure they’ll never forget.

How inspiring would it be to photograph only wedding experiences that are truly what the couple wants? To be a part of intimate, meaningful elopement days that the couple enjoys every moment of?

 now imagine this:


What if you knew exactly
how to build a business that connects you directly with that type of couple?


How would it feel to have your calendar FULL of the elopements you dream of photographing?


How awesome would it be
to feel confident in your skills to craft a truly unforgettable elopement experience, one that the couple will want to relive over and over again through your photos?


 Wouldn’t it be epic to have a concrete, step-by-step PLAN that attracts the eloping couples of your dreams and brings CONSISTENT inquiries to your inbox?

Heck yes!


Maddie Mae is concise and super educated—she really KNOWS what she's talking about and how to teach it. There's a reason why she's super successful. I really really REALLY appreciate the strategic business standpoint she has—having a degree in business gives her a super different approach in this industry. I learned so much from her that was so refreshing—a hugely different point of view from what photographers normally are taught. I’ve been to workshops that hit just some surface topics but Maddie does an amazing job at digging down DEEP and REALLY teaching! She is so focused on service and also has all the education and business knowledge to back up her approach. As a photographer that just started to build my business I knew a lot about what I needed to do… but not HOW. Maddie gave me all the tools and more—plus a heck of a lot of resources. Learning from Maddie was worth the investment plus 5 times more. I feel like I learned my money's worth from her in the first hour. I am SO glad I invested into myself and I can’t wait to apply what she taught me.

- Kayla Dolce

 Well, good news…

If You’re Thinking, “That Sounds Like My Dream!”

Then this workshop is exactly what you’ve been looking for.


Say hey to the FIRST-ever, All-IN-ONE solution to becoming an elopement photographer

The elopement photographer course:
build your dream business in 90 days

The very FIRST 100% elopement-focused comprehensive online course that teaches you how to actually get real elopement bookings AND how to create an incredible EXPERIENCE for your couples when their day comes…

Say what?! How the heck does this work?


Let me
tell you
a story
real quick



is me


Hey, I'm Maddie Mae

I’m a Colorado-based,


full-time elopement photographer with


elopements under my belt &


more elopement bookings on the calendar. I’ll travel to


countries this year to help couples create their dream elopement days.


 But my life as a photographer hasn’t always been like this...

I photographed big, traditional weddings for 5 years before I discovered the magic of adventurous elopements. While the couples were great, many of the big weddings I photographed felt like a lot of:

01 Family obligations & expectations

02 Forced pointless traditions

03 Pressure to be perfect

04 Anxiety & stress

05 Waste & trash

06 Loss of focus on what matters

It really shocked me how so many couples seemed “steamrolledby their own wedding days and how often I heard “I just can’t wait for this to be over.


 When I photographed my first elopement in 2015,

I knew with 100% certainty that

it was my truest passion to help more couples feel free to be THEMSELVES on the day they got married and to bring the focus of their day back to what truly matters —

their relationship & celebrating their commitment to each other in an authentic & meaningful way

 It was scary, but I took the leap to go “all in” and specialized my business in elopements.

Applying the proven tools & strategies I learned studying marketing in college, I booked 30 dream adventurous elopements in the following year, and had a 6-figure income — while transitioning.


in 2017

I photographed 55 adventure elopements, traveled to 13 countries, and was booked solid with the adventurous couples I’d been dreaming of.

I wanted more couples to have an amazing elopement experience so I decided to create a team of passionate elopement photographers (“Adventure Instead”) so that my business could SERVE even more people.

 we (me, Amber, & Tori) photographed 90 elopements at an average rate of $5,000.

Today, the elopement marketing strategies I’ve developed result in us getting

50–60 real elopement inquiries per month.


in 2018


in 2019

(this year)

we will photograph over 100 elopements at an average booking rate of over $6,500, while traveling to 18 countries.


Rangefinder 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography

2018 Winner


Junebug Best of the Best Wedding Photography Winner

2017 and 2018


5* rated experience-provider

Wedding Wire, The Knot, Google - over 150 reviews


97k Real Instagram Followers @AdventureInstead

I’ve never bought followers or likes

 Becoming an elopement photographer changed my life. And I want the SAME for you.

 Instead of

coming home drained and exhausted after photographing another stressful, chaotic, traditional wedding production

You can

come home from an elopement feeling fulfilled and inspired.

 Instead of

photographing in sterile ballrooms


get to be outdoors to work — surrounded by nature and traveling to the places you’ve dreamed about.

 Instead of





Here’s the BOTTOM LINE

Elopements are life changing

I want as many couples as possible to elope, and have the authentic, intimate, and meaningful wedding experiences they’ve dreamed of.

I feel like I’m living my truest purpose when an eloping couple tells me:
“You gave us permission to do everything we truly wanted on our wedding day. We wish we could relive it over and over again.”

I want YOU (as a photographer) to feel how fulfilling it is to make that happen for couples who inspire you.


I want to help you become an elopement photographer so you can finally pursue your passions. So you can reconnect with WHY you became a photographer in the first place (and I know it wasn't to fill landfills with plastic party crap or to document the “Cha-cha slide” for the 100th time).

I want to help you experience the ultimate joy of connecting with & serving couples who are “your people,” to be compensated (very) fairly for your amazing work, and truly LOVE what you do.”


- Paige Johnson

Maddie Mae... Wow. What can I say? She truly cares about YOU and I believe that she honestly wants all of us elopement photographers to be successful. She leaves nothing to wonder about and it’s clear by how much specific information she provides that she doesn’t hold anything back. She is far more transparent and open than anyone would expect a photographer at her level to be. The more I gush about her the more fake I feel like it sounds but seriously she is awesome. Learning from Maddie was the best thing I could have done for my business. She is everything I could have hoped for as a teacher and has set me on the right path. I can't wait to grow using what she taught me!


- Stacy Garfield

Maddie Mae so genuinely cares about helping to make you successful. She has a ton of information and is willing to share everything. I saw Maddie Mae as the leader in the adventure elopement photography business through social media and meeting her in person proved that she is the real deal. She has so much info to share and didn’t hold anything back. By learning from her, I have avoided making mistakes that could have held me back from succeeding. Now I have the knowledge that will help me grow as a person, entrepreneur and elopement photographer.


This is what you’ve been
searching for

Your guided path to the adventurous &
meaning-filled life you’ve been dreaming of


Say hey to the FIRST-ever, All-IN-ONE solution to becoming an elopement photographer


It’s EVERYTHING you need to know to build your dream elopement photography business, how to FILL your calendar photographing your “perfect fit” couples, and how to give them an INCREDIBLE experience on their elopement day—resulting in 5* reviews.

Here’s how it works:

This on-demand online workshop is an in-depth, 4-part video series (20+ videos total) where I’ll walk you step-by-step through

The 4 KEY ESSENTIALS to becoming an elopement photographer



Create an irresistible elopement brand that magnetizes your “perfect fit” couples



Implement the exact marketing strategies you’ll need to get those adventurous eloping couples to find YOU



Discover how to turn the elopement inquiries you get into solid, full-price bookings



Develop the skills and knowledge required to knock your client’s experience out of the park and get rave reviews



Join me on an entire all-day elopement in Patagonia through real & raw behind-the-scenes footage


But this time, instead of just being “taught”,
you’ll actually be empowered to take action


Are you tired of workshops that leave you with no concrete action plan or any tangible deliverables?

Let’s change that, shall we?

 This complete “elopement business-in-a-box” workshop

also comes with these essential tools, templates, workbook, and action plan

to actually enable you to create your elopement business in the most
efficient & strategic way possible.




A step-by-step marketing action plan that will show you exactly how to go from a quiet inbox to “YES!! Another dream elopement inquiry! BOOYAH!” within 90 days.




A practical 30-page workbook to follow along with each video. When completed, it will give you an entire concrete business plan plus a clear vision for where your business is going.




Ready-to-customize templates for your initial emails, follow ups, and pricing guide. An initial phone call script. Templates for location lists & timelines. A complete workflow spreadsheet. It’s everything an elopement photographer could ever want.

These resources will save you HUNDREDS of hours of trial and error and thousands of dollars in missed bookings. They’ll help you eliminate the roadblocks that are delaying you from reaching your dream of becoming an elopement photographer.

AND, to take your business to the next level, you also get:


1-year access to my VIP online education community

  • Get ongoing support & bounce ideas off fellow photographers in our private group

  • Make friends & experience community and collaboration as you embark on your journey

  • Stuck? Ask a question & get direct feedback from me, Maddie :)


Exclusive Lifetime Bonus

The chance to attend invite-only future in-person workshops with Maddie Mae & Adventure Instead around the world

  • You’ll get a private invitation to attend future in-person workshops ONLY available to the attendees of THIS online workshop

  • Future workshop locations include: Patagonia, Iceland, Alaska, and Colorado


So… Are you ready to become

an elopement photographer?


- Crystal Ludwick

The first time I got to learn from Maddie, man-o-man, was it just a dream! The amount of information she managed to squeeze in to my brain was quite remarkable. She left NO unanswered questions and with the knowledge she gave me I will be doing an entire overhaul of my business and couldn't be more excited. Maddie’s #1 priority is serving eloping couples, and seeing that she wasn't arrogant or egotistical was a relief and gave me confidence for my future when I sometimes feel surrounded by egos in this industry. Every question I had going in was answered—whether that be on SEO, learning my "WHY", defining my ideal client/couple, helping me find confidence, website design/layout, outsourcing, etc. Maddie is the REAL DEAL. She’s an amazing guide to help you get on the path that is best suited for you. A++++ I would highly recommend learning from her. Do it!

Aimee Shaefar.jpg

- AimÉe Schaefer

I literally can't say enough good things about Maddie. Her teaching style is so effective and balances being informative, approachable, and relatable. She is so stupidly business savvy it would be intimidating if it wasn't so insanely helpful. Maddie has also gotten me so STOKED on the relationship and experience with eloping couples. Photographing elopements is so much more than taking photos. I don't think I can really communicate how amazing my experience with her was without some kind of shouting or with a gazzilion emojis. Maddie has answered every question I had about elopements and then answered questions I didn't even know I had! She infuses her expertise into every second she teaches. Learning form Maddie Mae is the best decision I could have made for my elopement photography career and I would do it again in a heartbeat.


What will you learn in 


Take a peek inside.



Create an irresistible elopement brand that magnetizes your “perfect fit” couples


You’ll come away from this section with YOUR OWN

Mission statement, vision statement, values list, definition of specialty, description of brand, defined marketing avatars (your target market), pricing strategy, & pricing guide template.


A guiding light to YOUR marketing strategy

  1. how to discover your “why“? your unique purpose as an elopement photographer and what makes you stand out

  2. How to identify your specific slice of this exciting elopement market by precisely defining YOUR “target market” of eloping couples

  3. how to create your brand that communicates your “why”, your unique specialty, and speaks directly to YOUR niche

  4. How your pricing is deeply intertwined with your elopement BRAND and how it’s a key foundation to your marketing

  5. How to curate your portfolio and create work that magnetizes eloping couples



Implement the exact marketing strategies you’ll need to get those adventurous eloping couples to find YOU

THE BEEFIEST section of the course!


You’ll come away from

this section with YOUR OWN

90-day elopement marketing action PLAN! It covers ALL of these platforms and gives you a step-by-step blueprint of what to do each week, how much time to dedicate, and how to get elopement inquiries within 90 days.


A concrete PLAN of action to get elopement inquiries

  1. How to brand and optimize your website so that couples actually click “contact me”

  2. How to get consistent organic elopement inquiries from Google

  3. The best SEO & blogging practices for elopement photographers

  4. Strategies to get real elopement inquires from Instagram (no matter your follower count)

  5. Pinterest opportunities and pitfalls for elopement photographers

  6. How to use Facebook advertising effectively to drive inquiries from real couples



Discover how to turn the elopement inquiries you get into solid full-price bookings


You’ll come away from

this section with YOUR OWN

initial email templates, follow-up sequence templates, and kickass phone call script.


HOW to turn “maybe’S” into signed contractS & Paid retainerS

  1. How to write initial email responses to elopement inquiries that keep you from getting “ghosted”

  2. A dynamite follow-up sequence strategy that’ll get you responses

  3. Why the phone call is my “secret weapon” to booking all-day elopements

  4. How to absolutely rock phone calls to connect with couples and streamline getting them officially booked



Develop the skills and knowledge required to knock your client’s experience out of the park and and get those long, multi-paragraph, 5-star reviews.


You’ll come away from

this section with YOUR OWN

written and organized workflow plan, email template to ask for a review, location list & timeline templates, client preparation guide outline, and gear checklist.


THE STEP-BY-STEP process of how to to be a rockstar for your couples AND GET 5* REVIEWS

  1. How to design a strategic workflow to give eloping couples a seamless and amazing experience with you from start to finish. Delight them & exceed every single one of their expectations!

  2. Best practices for contracts, permits, & insurance (crucial stuff!)

  3. How to scout locations and exactly how to find those off-the-beaten-path hidden gem spots

  4. How to design an amazing all-day elopement timeline for a couple, plus strategies to upsell more hours

  5. How to prepare your couples for their elopement day

  6. All the gear you need to give your couples a “next level” elopement experience.



Join me on an entire all-day elopement in Patagonia through real & raw behind-the-scenes footage


Join me on an entire all-day elopement in Patagonia through real & raw behind-the-scenes footage

  1. “Tag along” virtually with Maddie Mae to see what an all-day elopement actually looks like

  2. Get a clear & concrete vision for how this all comes together and what knowledge you need to successfully photograph outdoor elopements

  3. Learn how to overcome logistical challenges and be flexible with difficult weather

Who is this course NOT for?

This course is not for you if…


You're 100% satisfied photographing big weddings IN ballrooms & CHURCHES

and table garlands, big bridal parties, and high heels are all you're after


You aren’t inspired by nature & epic scenery

or you don’t care about preserving and protecting the environment


You have zero passion for elopements

and don’t want to put in the effort to build a dream elopement photography business serving couples who elope

Who is this course for?

This course is for YOU if…


You’re ready to learn & work hard to build a business

that combines your love of the outdoors with your passion for photographing couples & intimate weddings


Your soul comes alive in the outdoors

and you want to learn how to attract like-minded, nature-loving couples and get dream elopement inquiries in your inbox


You want to find fulfillment as an elopement photographer

and live out your passion giving couples intimate & intentional wedding days and photographing them beautifully


Maddie Mae is a true powerhouse when it comes to the elopement industry & photography! Her knowledge, intelligence, & passion truly blows me away! She is kind & genuine & really wants to help & see you succeed! She is super informative on creating a powerful brand, finding your why, & running a successful business. I can not recommend learning from her enough! Learning from Maddie was truly a once in a lifetime experience! I loved every freakin minute of it! She is truly the industry leader of elopements in my eyes. She shared such a variety of AMAZING information that I can not wait to go home & utilize. I left my experience with Maddie feeling it was worth every penny! I am now ready to implement so many new strategies into my business, excited to succeed, & with a clearer path of what I need to do next with my business. I can not recommend her enough! Thank you Maddie for being such an amazing, genuine, beam of light in an industry that can be so competitive!

- Brigette Burgman

Still sort of on the fence?

Are these thoughts crossing your mind?

"I don't think I can succeed as an elopement photographer"

I’ve heard this one a lot from mentees and let me just say, I believe in you, friend. Really! Being a successful elopement photographer has nothing to do with the number of instagram followers you currently have, or how outgoing you are on social media, or if you currently live that “wanderlust” lifestyle.

When I started booking & photographing elopements full time, I was living in a 2-bedroom apartment in the middle of a city. I’m an extreme introvert (true story!) and I had less than 1k followers, and nobody knew who I was. And it didn’t matter (and still doesn’t matter) how many followers I have or who knows who I am.

What matters you have a HEART for this? Do you care about elopements? Is there a deeper REASON why you want to serve eloping couples? Are you willing to work hard and make the brave choice to go after your dreams? If yes, I can honestly say that this course will help you get there.

"I don't have the time or discipline."

Can you watch Netflix?

Then yeah, you can watch this video workshop ;) And the accompanying workbook makes it super easy to actually start taking action on building your dream business as you sit back and watch the videos.

And I bet you’ll get super motivated once you’ve watched the first few videos and see a clear path to how you can succeed in your own unique slice of the elopement market.

"I don't really want to travel."

Well you don’t have to :)

Maybe visiting Patagonia or Iceland and Norway isn’t your thing (because you have a family, or you love your own bed—who doesn’t?).

But elopements are happening everywhere in the world (just like big weddings) and this course will teach you how to book elopements closer to home.

“I’m not sure you’re the real deal.”

Ouch. :)

But seriously, it’s alright if you don’t know me that well. I understand feeling jaded by all the instafamous "educators" who know nothing about real business and are basically just smoke & mirrors.


Here’s why you can trust that this course will help you

become an elopement photographer:


My success at becoming an elopement photographer (which I shared above) was based on real data-driven marketing strategy

not just luck or “instafame.” This means I teach proven strategies that you can follow & find success with, too.


I actually have a degree in business marketing and am a giant marketing nerd.

Seriously, I wrote a 100+ page marketing plan for my honors thesis about how I was going to shift from photographing all big weddings to photographing ONLY elopements. I followed my plan and did just that—and guess what? It worked. It can seriously work for you, too.


I have personally booked & photographed over 120 elopements in 15 countries

over the past few years. I’m STILL booking & shooting them all over the world this year. I know exactly what it takes to book amazing elopements TODAY. And I’ll keep on booking them—I have no plans to “cash out” and retire via this course.


 I get that you can’t just take my word for it.

It matters who you invest your education dollars in. take a listen to what other photographers like you are saying :)


- Jessica Lindsay

- Malachi Lewis

- AimEe Schaefer


- Cassandra OLdenburg

- Kayla Dolce

- Traci Edwards

Julie Haider.jpg

Before I attended a Maddie Mae’s workshop about elopements, I made a list of all the things I felt like I was struggling with

missing information about, and questions I had about being an adventure wedding photographer. Maddie answered every single item on the list! Now I feel like I have all the tools I need to put in the work and make things happen. I'm so grateful for Maddie’s willingness to share her knowledge—it was beyond worth the money and time I invested. Maddie is SO open about her whole process, and shared in depth knowledge on so many topics. She is approachable, and I really appreciated that she is building up the community with knowledge rather than keeping the industry secrets.

- Julie Haider

Cassandra Oldenberg.jpg

Maddie Mae is absolutely the BEST educator I have ever had!

I have been in the industry for 14 years and learned SO much from her! She packs so much info into everything she teaches and breaks it down in a way that’s easy to understand! She communicates not only the “what”, but the “why” behind it. Her passion for education, attention to detail, explanations every step of the way, and her complete transparency is truly inspiring! I HIGHLY recommend Maddie Mae in all aspects of teaching & mentoring for elopement photographers!! Every single thing I learned from her has been SO valuable!

- Cassandra Oldenburg


Maddie is a fantastic educator, and her enthusiasm for her work was both touching and inspiring.

I loved her in-depth education on all aspects of the business side of elopements, such as SEO and marketing. Maddie's sincere interest in the success of my businesses was apparent. Learning about Maddie's entire elopement workflow from inquiry through booking and delivery was invaluable.

Being able to see a lived-out example of the kind of photographer and service provider I want to be has helped me believe that it’s possible to get there myself. Learning from Maddie is absolutely worth the investment — I feel energized and motivated to implement what I learned right away!

- Cara Bartelme

Keith Folken.jpg

Maddie Mae excels at teaching! She knows her stuff backwards and forwards and it shows.

I have been so impressed with how jam-packed and expertly organized her content is! There was more to learn about elopements than I expected. I’m very impressed with her focus on efficiency, business acumen, and branding. I’m just starting out in this market so learning from Maddie was a huge level up for me. It was so useful to realize all that I don’t know and it made me so excited to grow! Learning from Maddie was totally worth the investment.

- Keith Folken

Allison Slater.jpg

I have been absolutely blown away by how Maddie fully puts effort into both being an amazing photographer and a smart business owner.

Her knowledge in the service industry is so apparent and it's obvious that she puts effort into all areas of her business (SEO, marketing, client experience, educating, etc.)—instead of just focusing on being simply a good photographer. I learned SO much from her—so many things that I already thought I knew, but through her, discovered that I didn't have a full understanding of. I love how she focuses so much on being a top-notch service provider versus just taking good pictures for her clients. The information I learned from Maddie about how to become an elopement photographer was incredible and so helpful!

- Allison Slater

course RELAUNCH week
Nov 26 - Dec 3, 2019

 So what’s my investment

The Elopement Photographer Course Videos
90-Day Elopement Marketing Action Plan
“Build Your Own Elopement Business” Workbook
Downloadable Templates & Checklists
1-Year Access to the VIP Online Community
Exclusive option to attend future-in person workshops

your investment:

12 monthly installments of

$240$190Relaunch week priceGet Your Free Video Now

Save $380 by paying in full

$2400$1900Relaunch week priceGet Your Free Video Now

NOV 26 - DEC 3, 2019

Be a part of something BIGGER

Want one more reason to grab ahold of your dream by joining this workshop and learning how to build your elopement photography business?

$50 from every sale will be donated to these great organizations!

Cause people & the earth matters, y’all. Let’s make it a better place together.

So what happens when

you buy this course?

  1. get instant access.You’ll get instant access via email to the 4-part video series, bonus BTS video, action plan, workbook, all the downloadables, and the VIP community.

  2. Go through the course.You can watch the videos at your own pace (and re-watch any time)—filling out the workbook as you go to create your own elopement business plan.

  3. Follow the 90-day plan.You can watch the videos at your own pace (and re-watch any time)—filling out the workbook as you go to create your own elopement business plan.

  4. Achieve your dreams.You’ll transform your business and see elopement inquires start to flood your inbox—and be well on your way to living the life of your dreams.


don’t forget!

You also get exclusive access to me in my VIP online community!

You can ask me questions at any time and discover what’s working for your fellow elopement photographers. Plus, you get the LIFETIME benefit of exclusive access to future in-person workshops with me!


course relaunch week
Nov 26 - dec 3, 2019


 The 30 Day “Life Changing” Guarantee, Or Your Money Back!

Take the plunge & become an elopement photographer—100% RISK FREE I GUARANTEE your business & life will never be the same


Hey friend, going “all in” and becoming an elopement photographer is a huge risk—I remember it well.This is why I’m going to come alongside you every step of the way and do everything in my power to make sure that you are successful.

How? By taking the plunge with you and taking 100% of the RISK off of your shoulders when you start this course.

Yep, I’m serious. I am so confident that my proven elopement marketing strategies will lead to you being successful that I make you this guarantee:

If you watch every video within 30 days of starting the journey and then decide it wasn’t helpful to you, email me and I’ll send you a full refund.


I just ask that you can show that you
put in the work. Deal?

We’re in this together. I want you to have full confidence that this course will help you reach your dreams. And I want you to have confidence in YOURSELF that you have what it takes to get there. (I know you do!)

NOV 26 - DEC 3, 2019

Got Questions?

I covered a lot, but if you still have some questions, take a look below. :)


How long will this course be available for? (Will it sell out?)

This course is ONLY available for purchase during the launch week (June 25 – July 1). It will close for sale at midnight on July 1st and be re-launched at a TBD later date (possibly not until 2020). Don’t miss your chance! Enroll now!

Do you take payment plans?

Yes, you pay $1800 in full (to save $600!) or you can choose a 6-month payment plan of $400

Can I purchase & view this course on a phone?

Yes, absolutely!

How do I get access to the videos?

Once you’ve purchased the course, you will receive your login information via email. Create an account to get instant access to the materials. Return to this page and click “login” in the upper right-hand corner to stream the videos at your own pace and re-watch whenever you want.

Is this a physical or

digital product?

When you purchase the course, you get instant access to it digitally (it’s an entirely digital product). You access the videos and downloads online. Your workbook & action plan can be printed out at home.

Once I purchase, how long do I have access to the course?

You will have access to the course for as long as it exists. There are no current plans for it to expire—if that changes, you’ll have 6 months’ notice beforehand.

Do I need experience before

taking this course?

Nope. I don’t use any confusing jargon or insider marketing language—this course is fully accessible to all skill levels, whether you’ve never photographed an elopement before, or been a photographer for 10 years. If you want to book & photograph more elopements, this course will give you all the tools required to do that.

I’m super super new to all this,

is this course for me?

For SURE! I wish I knew everything this course teaches when I first started, instead of waiting 6 years to be able to build my dream business around elopements. This would have given me EVERYTHING I needed to start following my dreams from Day 1.

How is this course different from other wedding business education courses, & workshops?

This course is the FIRST and ONLY marketing & business workshop specifically created on how to become an ELOPEMENT photographer. Everything in the course is tailored specifically to the adventure elopement/intimate wedding market. Plus it’s based on proven & tested marketing strategies over my 4 years of experience booking & shooting over 120 elopements.

I’m not a photographer, but want to book more elopements. Will this course help me?

Absolutely. If you have another business (such as videography, planning, officiating, floral design, etc.) which you want to tailor to being elopement-specific, this course will teach you exactly how to do that. This is the only elopement-specific business and marketing workshop currently on the market!

Is this course worth it vs. being mentored by Maddie Mae?

Heck yeah—this course covers over 16 hours of hard-hitting content which would take more than eight 2-hour mentoring sessions to cover. Individual personalized mentoring on this much content would cost over $6500. You can also watch all the videos at your own pace, wherever you want, and re-watch them at any time. AND you get exclusive access to me in the VIP online education group. You can ask me any specific questions you have at any time.

I’m not from the USA, so will this still apply to me?

Absolutely. Elopements are becoming more and more popular and known around the world. In this course you will gain marketing tools, business knowledge, and practical skills to create an elopement photography business that works in any country. Bring your own cultural context & language skills to the table and you’ve got a winning combination.

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So are you ready to become an

elopement photographer?

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As photographers, we miss 100% of the shots we don’t take.

Give yourself THIS shot. Take THIS chance to live a fulfilling life of adventure and achieve your dream of becoming an elopement photographer.